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Havaianas turns 50 this year!!! A look back at my favorites through the years….

1. Original Havaianas!

2. My Second Pair and MOST favorite Havaianas. Bubble Gum Pink Havaianas Top. Purchased at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay on a  surprise Anniversary  get- away.  (Many years later, this treasured Havaianas met it’s untimely demise in  the jaws of  a teething puppy named,  Hugo)

3.J&P’s Wedding Havaianas Top. They already have 3 kids, and I still wear the Havaianas they gave  to all the guests that came to their destination wedding!!!

A pair of  Havaianas  can be a postcard of the fun and happy moments in our lives!

4. Havaianas Slim Crystal-  a birthday gift  from  my uber chic friend,  A.  I wear this with everything!


5. The Slim Missoni  Havaianas. Are you as in love with this collaboration as I am?

6. The  Havaianas Fit- Mini-sassy can only wear shoes with back straps to school. Enter the Havaianas Fit!

7.   The Havaianas Brasil-  this is a must -have in your man’s closet! Period.

8. Havaianas Metal Mesh- I have these in all combinations. I always pack a pair  and some matching bangles whenever I travel . Sometimes a girl just needs that extra sparkle in her step:-)


10. Havaianas Shoes- Brilliant! Brilliant! Cannot wait for these to get to Singapore and Malaysia!

What are your favorite Havaianas?



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