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Petit Bateau Stripe Love

So as  I’m packing my Petit Bateau Striped shirt in my suitcase……

( **Is this kid  on the top of your ” What to pack for a trip” moodboard too or what??).

J looks at it and, as usual,  he shakes his head sadly and sighs deeply and  makes his eyes go all forlorn

( it’s not the first time stripes have caused some frisson of disharmony in our 18 years of shacking up)

Consistently, the effect on me is thus:

It makes me question my sartorial penchant for all things stripey for 22.5 seconds.

Are Stripes one of those things that girls think is A-Dorb-Z and boys Not-So-Much?

Like Audrey Hepburn or harem pants?

Or sheath dresses and anything from Maison  Martin Margiela?

A coupla days ago, I read that a  scientist actually PROVED …like  scientifically…. that horizontal striped clothing  makes you … well… more horizontal and vertical striped clothing adds height.

Do I care? Not a lot!

Stripes make me happy and that’s that!

How about you? is there something your man abhors but you cannot live without?




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