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Nature Lover

If you are this kind of girl:

Then you will love Havaianas Green Nature…

They also carry it in sand grey/ golden sun , white and cherry.


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Apparently, our twins are in Italy.

Fabrizio wears Havaianas in Milan

( photo by The Sartorialist ).

It’s Fabrizio- the editor of Brazilian Vogue.
Looking fab, Fab!
Who would have thought an ascot and Havaianas could co-exist in one outfit….


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Mani-Pedi SOS!!!!

( photo via amoreumlugarestranho)

Okay, so Gisele has gone to the dark side and has affiliated herself with those Havaianas wannabes and dated somebody’s hot baby daddy and what-e-vuh, she’s tall, she’s beautiful, she’s brazilian, she’s Leo’s ex , she can chillax in her socks drawer….. that’s gotta be SO tough!NOT!

And yet, poor Gisele, she deserves our compassion, folks…. coz she CAN”T WEAR AMAZING HAVAIANAS ANYMORE!!!!
And WE can! (here’s the part where I dance like Jack Black .In School of Rock. Around the room. With Havaianas on both hands AND feet!!!)

Hoo-kay! Enough silly gloating! HaHa!
My sweet mama would not approve!
Actually, this picture reminds me that I need a pedicure asap!

I’m taking my new chocolate Havaianas High Light (Tangs) for a night out on the town and I need a pedicure to match it.

Ladies, know of any good nail salons here in Singapore?


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Can these Havaianas be turned into a room?

These Havaianas Metallic Stripe have a preppy vibe to them. I can totally see these worn with little collared shirts and white shorts. Or maybe Lily Pulitzer-type mini skirts and LL Bean canvas bags?
A little Martha’s Vineyard via Sao Paulo!

Here are some rooms that reminded me of these Havaianas Metallic Stripe design:

They say the color pink releases happy endorphins in the brain and it also suppresses the appetite…. In that case, this is the perfect dining room for when you want to remain happy while you are on a diet!

(photo: coastal living)

Doesn’t this feel like a living room that you could put your feet up and have long visits with the gal pals?

This one is on my ” Regrets” list. I had my finger on the pay now button and got distracted! I love Dash and Albert! More affordable than Madeline Weinrib or John Robshaw and just as fun!


The unusual diagonal stripe really brings your focus to the bed.



Green room.


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Pear-Fect! I’m loving the new Havaianas Pear

According to Mr. Google, in mythology, the Pear is a symbol for Hera, Aphrodite and Po….. did someone say Aphrodite?! The goddess of love? That’s all I need to know.

There’s something perky and evocative about a pear. No wonder you see it in so many forms, in so many hipster homes around town…

This is a print from Ohdeedoh. This would look cool in a room with a danish teak/ retro kinda vibe.

This one is by Enzo Mari.
I think Sarah Jessica Parker has the apple version in her Hamptons home kitchen.

You could also get this cup from Orla Kiely

OR you could get the Havaianas Pear in light blue, sand grey, white or chocolate!

Which one are you getting?

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