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Suri Cruise is a mini-Havaianista

She’s a mini-fashion plate like her mama and already a Havaianista!

Havaianas Kids Flores


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Hermes Birkin and Havaianas

(I found this on Polyvore)

Nicky Hilton doing LA chic!


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Hello Kuala Lumpur!

Can you wear Havaianas with a Chanel bag?

My friend, A, asked me this fashion question the other day…. Can you wear Havaianas with a Chanel bag?

Well A, my answer is a loud and proud : YES!

You can absolutely wear your Havaianas with an Hermes Birkin and you can certainly wear it with your Chanel classic and reissue 227′s!

In my opinion, Havaianas, Hermes and Chanel have something in common. Hermes and Chanel are made by artisans that have been creating these bags in time-honoured tradition for generations. Havaianas, too, is steeped in tradition since 1907. Secondly, whether you like it or not, wearing these fashion accesories speaks volumes about who you are …..

An Hermes or a Chanel tote says to the world: I like handmade, quality, luxe things that last a long time.

Wearing Havaianas says: I’m approachable and down to earth and best of all, I like to have fun!

So, together: It’s magic! Like a blazer with jeans or a sports car with the top down!

Fun colored Havaianas Tops or simple, understated Havaianas Slims would go perfectly with your purse!

Rumour has it that a new shipment of Havaianas Tops arrived from Brazil and will be in the Ion store this October!


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Zac Efron is a Havaianista!

Zac Efron has a good heart. He personally autographed and decorated these Havaianas to be auctioned of at Pipeline to a Cure event benefiting Cystic Fibrosis research.

Here he is at the Nickelodeon Awards wearing white Havaianas Tops.

Dios Mio! Frodo? Isdatchu?

Well, you know what they say about a man with hairy feet……


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High Society!

If you are this kind of girl….

Then you will love these Gold Havaianas Highs…


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