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Havaianas and Tattoos…….

(text by Anais Nin)

OMG! I look at this and all I can think of is: Ouch! Aw! Ooof! Eeeek!

Here’s why I can never get a Tattoo: 1. The PAIN and 2. I’m a Gemini. The mere thought of the permamence of tattoos already makes me hyperventilate.I’d be the girl who’ll want her daisy tattoo changed to some tribal art and then to a bird every 8 months… Angelina Jolie is a gemini… maybe, that’s why she’s got so many tats!

Here’s my question for you….

Would you ever get body art in you favorite Havaianas Design? Which design would you pick?

Statement Tat

( Rihanna) Discreet


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Happy Friday!


Happy Friday, y’all!


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Candy Cane Girl…

If you are this kind of girl……

( Anouska Hempel)

Then you will love the red Havaianas Fit…..


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Star sightings…

( Michelle Trachtenberg from Gossip Girl)

(Nicole Richie)

( Nicole Richie)


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Havaianas’ Contractor, Tony.
Making arrangements to install something special in the store…..
Will the store at Ion Orchard look different this weekend?
That’s for me to know and for you to find out….


Can you tell I’m watching Gossip Girl Season 3?!

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