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Havaianas Around Town….

I was sipping my espresso at a cafe in Ion Orchard and I spotted a gorgeous family at a table beside us.

Now THAT is how you wear Pink Havaianas, I exclaimed to Mr. S.

Daniel and his family graciously allowed us to take a picture of them…

I spotted them again a few minutes later at the Havaianas Store at Ion getting Havaianas for the kids! Here they are modeling them….

” I reserved a pair of Black Havaianas Brasil and Kaiser, the manager, is calling me when it gets in”, Daniel said….

A beautiful Havaianista family enjoying the long weekend…..


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Dior Gray and Havaianas Pois….

These Gray Havaianas Pois remind me so much of Dior.

Mrs. Sarkozy (Carla Bruni- ex supermodel and famous Chanteuse)wore Dior Gray with pops of purple on her state visit to England. Every look was Pow! Bam!Boom!

Despite the fact that naked pictures of her had just surfaced all over the net, even the most conservative could not help but admire Carla and her Dior …

here’s what’s playing on my ipod:



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Havaianas in a beach house……

Wouldn’t it be nice to have to a little beach house somewhere? Nothing fancy.
Maybe an old fisherman’s shack that you’d fix up with flea market finds….

It would just be the simple life….

There would be kids laughing, a puppy sleeping in a basket and music from an old record player….

You’d have a spare room for guests filled with great books to read….

The kitchen would be tiny and cozy but you’d have everything you’d need to prepare pasta and grill seafood and bake breads…

Friends would drop by for tea and stay for dinner…..

You’d have a big basket of beach towels and a basket of Havaianas right by the front door…..

Hmmmm….. I could sit here dreaming about that all day long….


(images from country living)

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Gentlemen prefer Havaianas……

These translate to:

“Whether in women or in sandals, gentlemen prefer curves…”

My Portuguese is sketchy, but I think this one may be the women’s response which is:

” Women prefer men who prefer us EXACTLY as we are- curvy or not!”


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Today is a day of peace and ceasefire all over the world…..

I wish I had these Havaianas to wear today…..

( maxandchloe)

“It is the peoples of this world who can create peace.” Ahmad Fawzi

Peace Out!

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