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Do you believe in love at first sight?

My friend Cici, being French, enjoys discussing the important things in life over a good bottle of wine

So, the two of us got to talking about food, fashion, family, food, good wine, food, why designers are making tres stupeed-looking shoes, food and of course, l’amour….

Here’s what we want to know: does love at first sight exist? Oui or non?


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Somewhere in the universe…..

Havaianistas are having a Glam Rock Party Tonight!!!!!

Oh the leather! The Spandex! The GuyLiner! The Big hair! The Eye-shadow till the forehead!!!!!

Cue the sad music: Cut to scene of me, Cinderella-like ( after the evil stepsisters tore up her gown) running into the garden and collapsing into a heap of burbling snotty sobs………

Why-Oh-Why can’t we have a party like that here in Singapore?!!!!Uh-huhuhuhu…..sniff! sniff!


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Victoria’s Secret and Havaianas

You know what would have been really good footwear for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show?

Don’t you think?


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DIY Holiday Cards…..

Just pass me the Glue Gun and a pair of scissors!

I am channeling my inner Martha Stewart and making my own Christmas cards this year!( yep! she’s in there somewhere, hidden underneath the clutter with all my other beloved but not oft accessed alter-egos… like my inner drag queen and inner Elvis Presley!)

Here are some ideas I’m toying with…..

1. Ric-Rac

2. Stick Figure Drawings

3. Magazine Cutouts…

4. Plain and Graphic

4. Felt…

Hmmmm….I’m thinking maybe a simple handmade ink Drawing gift tag and match the ink color to the Havaianas in the box….:)


( Images: Martha Stewart, Mr. Pantone, handmade parade)

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Miss Cici’s coming to town…..

My friend Miss Cici is coming to town…..
Who knows what mischief we’ll get up to in our Havaianas?

Any suggestions where girls can have fun here in Singapore?

(Image: corrie bond)

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