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Limited Edition: Metal Mesh Havaianas Available Friday!!!!!

If you are this kind of girl…….

You are going to love the Limited Edition: Havaianas Metal Mesh!!!!!

The Limited Edition Metal Mesh Havaianas will be available in Ion Orchard on Friday, January 22!!!

I have a pair of these babies and I get stopped in the street and asked about them ALL the time! I’ve worn floaty dresses with the Havaianas Metal Mesh to beach parties and on my travels and never felt underdressed.

This is a super MUST for your collection, ladies!


(images:Ralph Lauren)

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Happy Friday!
Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

The Most Fashionable Man on the planet!!!

When I was two, we lived in Milan and my favorite game was to sit out on the balcony, people watch and shout Ciao to random passersby.

Oh how I wish I lived on the same street as Fiat scion, Lapo Elkann- The Most fashionable man on the planet! I would not get any housework done! I’d just sit and wait on my balcony to see what outrageous outfit he has on and shout: Ciao, Lapo!

Here he is in Saint Tropez , with his trademark Fedora and Black Havaianas!His gal pal is also wearing white Havaianas tops. Are you digging the hot pink sunnies?

I love his suits! Sure! They’re a bit ” out there” but my God! Italian Tailoring at its finest!

I find it so refreshing how he mixes and matches classic jackets with neon high-tops or raspberry fedoras!

Love you, Lapo!!!!!


(images: The Sartorialist, Esquire, Vogue,unknown)

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Happy Friday!

Glow-in-the-dark: A modern interpretation.

I believe Glow in the Dark first made a big mark on our everyday lives in the 80′s- that joyful era of ostentatious excess – when something neon or flourescent was the accessory de rigueur.

Then, in the the 90′s, you went to smokey clubs with glowing dance sticks.

Nowadays, there’s all sorts of modern applications for Glow in the dark…….

Here’s a piece of graffiti artwork…..

Glow in the dark figures a lot in Hip Hop Fashion History….

OOOOOOH! A Glow in the Dark dress by New Delhi based, Manish Arora……

And then, there’s Havaianas that will defintely be easy to find in the dark!Havaianas Glow in the Dark available at Ion Orchard now.


(Images: Suimmy,Kanye West, Manish Arora)

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Glow in the Dark Collection at the Ion Orchard Store NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Q: What’s cool and hip and Glows in the Dark?

A: Havaianas, of course!

Get your hands on a pair before they run out!


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GRRRRRR! A ” fashion rules” rant…..

There’s something about the phrase ” fashion rules ” that gets me all hot around the collar and makes me bristle.

To me, Fashion is a means of self- expression. When you police it, temper it, repress it by having rules…. well, then what you get is everybody dressing and looking like everybody else ….which in my opinion is total crapola!

If Picasso, Chanel, Van gogh, Yves St Laurent followed rules…. where would we be? See? I told you I have strong feelings on the subject!!!

Garance Dore and Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist, were in Brazil and took some lovely photos of some really lovely Brazilian girls. I read some of the comments and I guess that triggered this rant!

One of the recurring themes in the comments was that leather bags are for winter and canvas/ cloth bags are for summer. My jaw dropped from the sheer ignorance of that comment. See? Can you feel my blood pressure rising?

Obviously, people who make comments like these live in 4 season countries and have no empathy for their 360 days of summer sisters! I mean this is as bad as saying “No white after labor day” and “no mini skirts after 35″ ( hear that Demi and Madonna? What say you?).

Learning about and embracing all sorts of fashion perspectives is what Garance and Scott do with their photos and it’s what I love about their work. THey don’t judge, they just document.

So, to the judgey-judge fashion rule enforcers out there, here’s what I have to say on the subject:

Till you walk a mile in another person’s Havaianas, you can’t judge her!

Okay, now on to this photo by Scott of this very chic brazilian lady and her leather bag! I HEART her scarf and panama hat combo!!!!!!!HEART!

I am stealing the look of this girl , shot by Garance, packing up after a day in the Ipanema beach. Tousled Chignon, pearl earrings, floaty white dress and white Havaianas….. Perfection!

Hope you are having a great Sunday! Are you out there? Let me me know what you think about the ” leather bags only for cold weather” rule?


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Happy Friday!