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Fashion Crush: Viviana Volpicella

I love Vogue Nippon’s Viviana Volpicella’s sense of color! She works for Anna Dello Russo ( another Uberchic lady!).

Viviana always has a friendly smile. She loooks like a girl’s girl who would be so fun to go shopping with!

Melon and Jade! Fearless!

Here with Anna Dello Russo who is sooooo FIERCE!!

I absolutely heart this yellow blouse! I NEEEED THIS! This blouse, well this whole outfit, would go well with my Havaianas tops!

Love that jade clutch!

Hope you are having a great Saturday!


(images: TheSartorialist)

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TGIF, dearies!

Has anybody heard of the Brazilian Keratin Hair straightening or perming?
I read somewhere it’s the secret to the luscious hair of Adriana Lima and all the gorgeous Brazilian models. Fashion Photographer and one of my favorite bloggers, Garance Dore just had it done. Hmmmm….. I wonder if they have it here in Singapore?

Having a bad hair day….. but still smiling:)…. because it’s FRIDAY!!!!!!


(image: via brownbuttongirl)

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Things I do in my Havaianas…..

It must have been my new frilly apron and my red lipstick , but today I had the sudden urge to be all Betty Draper from Mad Men and channel my inner 1950′s housewife…..

Here’s my attempt to make Chocolate Chip and Sea Salt Cookies.

Doesn’t look like much but it is pretty yummy!!

There’s nothing like a cold glass of milk and some oven fresh cookies after a hard day at school, right mini-sassy?


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Happy Friday, beautiful!

Lo Hei Dinner in Havaianas….

Last night, I went to a Lo-hei dinner where the dress code said: Oriental Chic.
So after racking my brains as to what that even means… and after asking A., my chic-est friend and D., my brazilian fashion designer friend, I was ready to rock and roll!

Now, the best thing about my outfit last night was my Havaianas Metal Mesh. Do you have any idea how yummy it is to go to a fancy dress affair in your Havaianas? Oh I Represented Sistahs!

And the magical thing that happened was when the lion dancers came, when those drums and cymbals were a-clanging, my feet just moved and did a little samba! That’s right folks, a little carnaval at Lo-Hei!


(image: sofiacoppola)

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Spotlight: Cary Santiago

I’m thinking about my 2010 wardrobe, and I may need to make an addition of a Cary Santiago evening dress. This Filipino fashion designer is rocking my world!

Look at the details and the exquisite construction!

Oh be still my beating heart! That stripey tribal-looking but thoroughly modern dress has me in raptures.

If we really only wear 20 percent of what is in our closet 90 percent of the time, then it’s high time I make sure that the 20 percent looks good on me!

Do you have expensive mistakes hanging in your closet…. you know…the ones that make you duck your head low in guilt every time you see it? You’ll never wear it, because then you’ll look like Joan Collins in ” Dynasty”, but you keep it anyway to make yourself feel better? Phew! I’m glad I’m not the only one!

This year, I am going to carefully plot, plan, edit, curate exactly what I add to my closet. An exquisite cocktail dress from Cary Santiago is definitely on the top of my YES list!

What’s in your closet?


(image: Via stylesamurai)

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