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Art and Havaianas……

Beatriz Milhazes is one of my favorite Brazilian painters. Years ago, I once stood in front of her giant painting in the landing of the San Francisco MoMa for an hour. Her paintings make me happy….. just like Havaianas…..


( Image: voami voda colorida, elle decor)

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Things I do in my Havaianas……

Mini-sassy got one of those manual pasta makers yesterday at Pantry Magic in Chip Bee Gardens. So, today the whole family will be making fresh pasta in our Havaianas!!!

Hope you are doing something fun in your Havaianas today:)


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Hallloooooooo Australian Havaianistas!!!!!


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Farrr Out Obsession.

Ever since I saw these chairs on the cover of Vogue Living, I have been obsessed! It’s just too bad there doesn’t seem to be any Christopher Farr Cloth stockists in Singapore! I’ve got 2 tub chairs in need of slipcovers and I think this “Carnival” fabric would be perfect…..

Here it is in a bigger expanse……

I prefer it on chairs, though….

This is my second favorite, It’s called “36-24-36″. Hahaha! Cute, huh? I need a headboard like that….

I want this fabric to be my TV room curtains….

Check out their website and prepare to fall in love….



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Happy Friday, y’all!!!

food for thought…..

Have a great weekened, dearies!


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