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Spotted: One of the Olsens- Is it MK or A?

The Olsens are Havaianistas!



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Fashion Inspiration: Louis Vuitton

I would be happy if I only wore clothes like these ( and Grace Kelly’s entire wardrobe in Rear Window AND Catherine Deneuve’s outfits in Belle Du Jour) for the rest of my life!!! sssssssigh!

Now, please excuse me while I wipe the drool off my face:)


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If these Havaianas could be turned into a room…

If these Havaianas Floral Gypsy could be turned into a room…..

It would be something like this…..

or this….

or these…..


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Happy Friday!

You know what goes really well with Havaianas?

Side braids……
I love ‘em!


(image: viacupofjo)

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Wood Nymph Havaianas Ipe!

If you are this kind of girl….

You will love the 2010 Havaianas IPE…..

7% of sales of all Havaianas IPE goes to the research and preservation of the Brazilian rainforests, the Amazon and the Pantanal….

The 2010 IPE styles were released at the Ion Orchard yesterday. Get a pair and do your part for the conservation of our planet…..


(image: via citified)

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