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Havaianas Floral Gypsy at Ion Orchard…..


Put some la… da… dee… la..da…da… in your step!

The Floral Gypsy Havaianas are out at Ion Orchard….


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If these Havaianas could be turned into a room…..

If this Havaianas Etnic could be turned into a room…

it would be this…..

I can’t wait to get a pair!


(image: toast)

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Fashion Crush: Camille Bidault-Waddington

I adore Camille Bidault- Waddington’s work as a stylist. She’s Jarvis Cocker’s ex-wife and the French muse of Marc Jacobs ( she even made an appearance in the Marc Jacobs fall show). If you look at pictures of hers from years past, you suddenly recognize certain looks translated into the runway of late!

What I love, love, love most is her Louis Vuitton Nomade Speedy. I WANT IT…. with a capital W.A.N.T.

I don’t really like changing bags every day. I usually wear one bag till it dies on me or until I fall in love with a new one. I do like to switch it up at night and just bring my wallet, phone and key in a clutch. If I use this bag every day for 365 days a year for the next ten years…. wouldn’t that justify the cost? Assuming I can even find one…. I believe this has been discontinued…. does anybody know where I can find one? I saw some similar ones in the new fall collection. I wonder…. Oh God! I am babbling like a girl obsessed! Must. Shut. Up. Now.


(image: thesartorialist, purplediary)

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Inspiration:Raise you hand if you think Marc Jacobs is a genius!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 collection goes with all your Havaianas!
I just checked the Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Mandarin Gallery and I wanted everything !!!!

and don’t even get me started on his very dreamy, very lady-like fall collection for Louis Vuitton. AH-MAYH-ZING! What am I saying! Of course I need to post about it! It’s my most favorite collection this season!



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Mirror, Mirror on the wall….

An idea bulb just went on in my head!

Now, where did I put those black pentel pens?


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