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Girl Power!!! Havaianas Kid’s Garden

If you have a sweet little darling like this at home….

She’ll love the new Havaianas garden….

Now available in ION Orchard….


(image: viahappyhomeblog)

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Parking for Havaianas Only!

It’s 4 p.m. and for some reason everyone is home . This is how my entryway Havaianas Parking Space looks like!

I love my new half price Hemnes closet from Ikea! I am repainting that a nice lime green one of these days!

Okay gotta go… it’s chocolate chip cookies and chilled milk time for mini-sassy!


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Oh Yeah or Hell No? Vuitton Earrings

For US $220, you can score these Vuitton Silvannia studs. One extra for your piercing.

HMMMM…. Inteh-westing……


(image: Teen Vogue)

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Happy Friday! If you are in Kuala Lumpur today, come to the Havaianas Party!

Revisiting Rachel Zoe’s Crib

This must be a nice relaxing color pallete to rest your weary eyes after looking at beautiful dresses all day long!


(images: viahookedonhouses)

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Havaianas Wood Nymph IPE…

You know what would be cute with this outfit?

Havaianas Woodnymph IPE!

Look good and do good for your environment! It’s a win-win!



(image: Garancedore)

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