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Where in the world can you find a map like this?

Urban Outfitters carries something like it (online only)…


(image: urbanoutfitters, RoomforChildren)

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Simplicity is Beauty….

Today, I wish I was wearing this….

with my Black Havaianas High….


(image: via cupofjo)

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(image: elle decor)

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I am thinking about: Steampunk Neo-Victorian Style

and Corsets…..

Is this Agent Provocateur Zahra Swimsuit too much to wear on a family beach get-away?

Oh I just love it!!! So very Dita Von Teese!


(images: garancedore, agentprovocateur)

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The Boss: Thunder Road

Bruce Springsteen – Thunder Road subtitulado from malaguita1987 on Vimeo.

J and I would play this song over and over on the drive through California, our baby sleeping in her car seat and the guitar tucked in the back.

It’s scary to get in that car and drive to a new life…. but sometimes, music can make you less afraid…

This is definitely one of the greatest songs of all time!


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