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Mirror, Mirror on the wall…..

I’m loving the mirror…. and those two retro-looking lamps….. and the blue-grey bottle!!! Cannot wait to watch the movie !!!


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My Closet Needs……

A Smythe blazer in navy blue….

And an Equipment washed silk shirt…..

Okay…I’ll take the striped dress and a pair of vintage denim shorts, as well….


(image: shopbop)

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Happy Friday!!!

It’s the weekend! yahoooooooo!


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Thinking Green…

My father is a green thumb. He just harvested the sweetest, juiciest tomatoes you’ll ever taste this side of the equator. His father before him cultivated roses as big as your palm! I’m sure his grandfather and great-grandfather had a strong connection to the land, as well.

I have grown up with romantic notions of vegetable patches and flower gardens and I love all things horticultural but sadly, I have not inherited an iota of the botanically-friendly genes.

I can annihilate plants with just one look.

But I have been longing for an indoor fig tree , like the third picture above…..

So, I called up my Pops to ask for his advice. He says there is no secret to gardening. You just need:

1. Patience- I’m buying a full-grown plant so I can skip this part!haha!
2. Sunshine- Okay, we’ve got lots of sun in Singapore!
3. Water/ Food- Aha! that’s where I get into trouble. I always forget to water the plants and put fertilizer pellets! But never fear! That’s why God invented post-its. I shall leave reminders all around the house and we should be okay!

And lastly,

4. Love- My pops has the heart of a poet, so EVERYTHING has to be done with LOVE- from cooking a paella , to dancing, to building a playhouse, to repairing a tractor engine!

But you know what? It reminded me… if everything I did, big and small, I did with LOVE, my life would be SO much fuller and so much more fun!!!

gracias, papa!


(image: elle decor)

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Apartment Therapy Book

I’m looking forward to perusing this book!


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