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Bake Something Fabulous Day!

Do you remember that fantastic TV show called ” Pushing Daisies” ?

 Well, it was about a pie-maker with special powers.

And there wasn’t a single episode that mini-sassy and I didn’t run to the kitchen and bake a pie in our Havaianas.

We made apple pies ( crumble and tarte tatins, peach cobblers, blueberry pies, etc)

Baking a fruit pie is deceptively easy ( if you are using frozen pie-crust). Seriously! Try it!



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Playing old records in Havaianas….

….. would be a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon….



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Happy Friday!!!!!

Advanced happy birthday to my darlingest  mini-sassy.

15 years ago ago, on the delivery table, you taught me that GIRLS ARE STRONG! hahahaha!

all my love,



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You can’t help but smile looking at Miroslava’s outfit !

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