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Blue Basics

1. A pair of blue denims
2. A pair of blue Havaianas
3. A blue and white striped shirt

True Blue!


(image: garancedore viastyleessentials)

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ladylike moves…

I get mesmerised by women with super ladylike mannerisms. Like Diane Von Furstenberg, for example.

Everything she does- the way she flicks her hair, or holds  her tea-cup or sits or crosses her legs is so alluring!

The picture above captures that ladylike allure, too.

Gotta learn me some of that!




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Spotted: Batman’s family wears Havaianas!

Holy muscles, Batman! It’s Christian Bale! Sigh……


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Happy Friday!

Listening to Coldplay in Havaianas…

Thinking of the Prague-bound Havaianistas on their way to watch Coldplay:-)

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it’s friiiiiiiday! share the love…..




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