Like, this is, like, so totally, like, awesome, ya know?

Typography from Ronnie Bruce on Vimeo.

The thing is that, nowadays, when I’m eaves-dropping on mini-sassy’s phone conversations, instead of paying attention to what she is actually saying to her friends, I get distracted counting how many times she says “like” during said conversation!
I know, right? How abominable and shameful! No one should say “like” 15 times in 3 minutes.
Well, instead of being all uncool and rude about it, I just sent her a link to this and it seems to be working;)


(via maisonboheme)

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One Response “Like, this is, like, so totally, like, awesome, ya know?”

  1. Mini Sassy says:

    Mom! That's, like, so not cool.

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