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Years ago, I was stricken with an unhealthy obsession for a certain white gold Dior Skull ring . Sadly, I could not convince J that jewelry, even from the House of Dior was as good an investment as say: our daughter’s education, food and medical insurance.

 I know! What a  Party Pooper, right?!

So, this Talon Cuff by Pamela Love is in danger of never being mine this Christmas! Sigh!

 Let’s discuss it’s merits…..

1. Tough chick vibe- Check!

2. Cooler than those rubber  Swatch guards to protect my watch- Check!

3. Long talons slightly reminiscent of the long pinkie finger nail of  a certain Laksa vendor on East Coast Road and will remind me to always keep my own fingernails short and well-groomed- Check!

4. Can be used as a weapon in case someone starts a fight – Check!

5. If you attach it to a ruler, you can use it as backscratcher- Check!

6.. It’s scary pretty and pretty scary and wacky and I love it- Check!

After reviewing these compelling reasons and, really, it is more than a bangle, it a multi-purpose tool, I can only conclude…… it. must. be. mine.

Can you think of other ways you could use a cuff like this? 




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