Happy New Year!

Just got back from Bali, for our family reunion/ Christmas holiday.  There were 23 pairs of Havaianas  of all sizes and colors  poolside.

It was great to just disconnect from the world , drinking in and loving every moment spent with the kids, doing yoga facing the sea, dancing the night away on 80′s night, being part of a romantic marriage proposal and 1920′s  surprise engagement dinner, laughing, eating too much, competing for the Survivor -Style Family Cup Competition and diving into all sorts of mischief and silliness.

My little nephew wrote a touching letter to Santa, saying how he was struggling to believe in him and needed a sign that Santa really did exist.

And Santa left him a letter saying: Believe. Magic exists. What is most important is invisble to the eye. BUT, if you put your attention to what is happening around you, you won’t miss it!

I hope when he grows up, he will understand this. 

Happy New Year!!! May you believe in magic all year long!



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