A Review: My Brazilian Keratin Blow-Out

It’s been three months since I went to see Cedric at Le Papillon to get a Brazilian Blow-out and this is my story….

I’m a wash and wear kind of gal. Blow-drying my hair is a giant bore, so I never do it. I have fine, generally straight (with some wave in it) and very temperamental hair. Everyday, for almost my whole life, I leave the house with a wet ponytail. Even in the middle of winter! But when I moved to Singapore, I just got so tired of either having my hair up in a ponytail all the time or looking like an alley cat lay sleeping on my head because of the humidity! Right when I had had enough of Bad Hair Days, Garance Dore blogged that a Brazilian Blow-out changed her life…. So, I decided to take the plunge and get a Brazilian Blow-out myself!

First, I did a little online research. The Pros, the Cons, logistics, health hazards, maintenance, etc.

Then, I called Cedric and asked him 7 times if the Keratin he uses has any carcinogenic formalin or formaldehyde ( he said no). Also, I like having surfer girl hair occasionally, so I asked him 5 times if my hair will become pin-straight for the next few months (he said no). Satisfied, I booked myself an appointment.

The whole process took about 5 hours. The first hour of that was spent reassuring me that formalin or it’s sister, formaldehyde were not chemical components of his treatment. Then, he washed my hair super thoroughly, blow- dried it and then painted the keratin on to my hair. After letting it sit for a few hours ( well, it felt like a few hours), he meticulously ironed my hair section by section. The chemicals made my eyes water uncontrollably and I began asking about formaldehyde fumes again. Cedric patiently smiled at me.

After the treatment, my hair was shiny, pin straight and super soft. A brand new look!

As I left the salon, armed with special shampoo ( sulfate free), conditioner and hair treatment, Cedric told me to procure a flat iron. I had to flat iron my hair twice a day for the next 4 days. I also could not wash my hair, exercise, sweat or get my hair wet in any way , shape or form. This became my excuse for not leaving the house, doing the dishes or laundry and thusly, I caught up with all the Real Housewives of New York episodes I had missed!

When I washed my hair again, my hair dried straight ( NOT PIN STRAIGHT) with nary a frizz in sight. Now, when I do blow-dry my hair, it takes me half the time (so it’s not too painfully boring) and my hair still has body and wave. It’s been three months and my hair is definitely getting wavier, but if I want it super smooth, I just flat iron it in 5 minutes.

As you know, the Brazilian Blow-out isn’t a permanent treatment. It only lasts for 4 to 6 months. When my time is up, I’ll definitely go back! I’m having too much fun being frizz- free!

Although, guess what? Turns out…it’s too hot here for my hair not to be up in a ponytail everyday anyway!


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24 Responses “A Review: My Brazilian Keratin Blow-Out”

  1. i use dry shampoos and i do like them because they work well on my hair texture. doesn't feel greasy. i can't remember the name of it at the moment though!

    thanks :)

  2. Sassy in Singapore says:

    Thats a great idea! I never feel squeaky clean with the non sulphate shampoo. I guess because it doesn't suds up. I will try the dry shampoo in between shampoo days. thanks!

  3. Just did it too – love it! But they made me wear goggles when ironing and it scared me :)

    I was told I could shampoo after two days and NOT to use a hair iron – hairdryer on cold setting or even a plain old electric fan will do. He also said I could exercise. Shoot, no excuses for me.

  4. Sassy in Singapore says:

    wow!only 2 days downtime and no hair iron? Cool!

  5. Ruchi says:

    Did you get this done in singapore? Which salon did you go to??

  6. Sassy in Singapore says:

    Hi Ruchi! I had mine done by Cedric at Le Papillon Salon. He was the only one I could find in Singapore that did it at that time. Maybe there are more Salons that do it now? Good luck!

  7. Golden girl says:

    Brazillian Blow out with Cidrec – La Papillon

    I went with high hopes to Cidrec. He came highly recommended to me.

    He put the serum in my hair and left it for an almost an hour (while he finished 4 other customers) He told me frankly that I will NOT be able to get rid of my curls completely. I didn’t want that either. So far so good.

    He then blow dried with brush and finally used the iron to infuse the serum into my hair. I don’t know if he was rushing my job, or wasn’t interested, his hair dryer started to burn my scalp. I screamed out of pain and asked him to be careful. Instead he quickly finished the whole blow drying and ironing process.

    After about 3 days, I saw to my horror, an UNEVEN outcome of the treatment. I had fairly relaxed curls at some places and tough curls on the other. When I called him back, his attitude was typical – of blaming the customer. He said that since I was complaining of burning pain, he did not blow dry and iron properly and long enough. He also blamed me for having too short hair. I get my “short hair” washed and blow dried all the time. No one burns my scalp.

    The truth is that he did not do a good job. He was rushed and couldn’t care less. NOW, He wants me to come again and get chemical relaxation done of my spot curls. That is NOT the answer. He should responsibility for this bad job and offer to re-do the specific areas again.

    He is dreaming if he thinks he can get a penny more from me. Instead I will write about this and tell others not to go to him.

    CIDREC, you are not so GREAT that you can take a well informed customer for a ride!!

  8. Sassy says:

    Hi I’m sorry to hear about that it didnt work out for you. That sounds horrible and I hope Cidrec does the right thing. To be be fair, my blow- out went without a hitch or pain. Would I do it again? No- but only because I’m really wary of the formaldehyde.

  9. Clarissa says:

    Hi, I did the Brazilian blow with Cedric about a year ago and was very happy with him. Of course it’s not like a soft rebonding and since I had my hair straightened, it was a little uneven in some places after a few washes. I didn’t do it again as I was weary of the formaldehyde. But I did it again with Cedric just recently as my hair was really damaged from continuous straightening and I couldn’t let it outgrow as it looked horrible. Very happy with the results and with Cedric. He is a special guy :-) .

  10. Sassy says:

    Glad to hear that :-)

  11. golden girl says:

    Cedric called me after reading my post on this forum. He was obviously very concerned. He offered to fix the problem – without using ‘chemical relaxants’. I agreed. He used brazilian blow out on the problem spots. After two days when I washed my hair, it was much better. I was satisfied this time.
    It was an amicable settlement and I am happy that Cedric reached out to resolve the issue. Good luck!

  12. Sassy says:

    I am happy to hear that:-) Have a great week! and Yay for Cedric!

  13. Abhi says:

    Hi. Very well written review. Is the Brazilian blowout and Keratin Treatment the same? I know of a few salons that are doing the Keratin treatment and branding it as Brazilian blowout. Do you have any idea regarding the difference between them. Thanks

  14. SR says:

    I’ve done a lot of research on this and I highly doubt Cedric’s product doesn’t contain anything from the aldehyde family. It wouldn’t work if it didn’t as thats the active ingredient. You could ask him exactly what ingredient is making the hair straight / frizz-free. It must be something in the aldehyde family to work. I think its dubious if he’s saying it doesn’t contain it.

  15. Sassy says:

    Hi A! I did some research when I had it done a year ago or so and I haven’t read up much on it lately (since I just did it that one time). I suspect since the whole hoopla about aldehydes in the States, people are rebranding the Brazilian Blowout everywhere as a Keratin Treatment. What popped out in my research before ( and I haven’t verified it) is that Keratin needs some sort of preservative to remain an active ingredient, hence the formaldehyde. I’d do more reserach if I were you, A:-) Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Sassy says:

    Hi SR! To be honest, my hair did smell like the pickled frogs in my high school laboratory when I had the Brazilian Blow-out done. That’s why I only had it done once.
    My Grandmother always said : Trust your Nose ( okay, full disclosure: she said it about buying fresh meats and fruits:-). But it makes common sense, if it smells like formaldehyde, even if it reads : Nectar of Venus in the list of ingredients, it probably is formaldehyde. Same as you, I did read somewhere that Keratin is a protein that needs preservatives like formaldehyde to be viable, but in the quest for frizz-free hair, I chose to believe what I HEARD instead of what I smelled. It really makes me question: What is up with us girls that we go through such unhealthy lengths to live up to other people’s standard of beauty??!!! Thanks for stopping by and the info, SR:-)


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