I heart anything starburst. Especially this mirror!




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11 Responses “Starburst!”

  1. angel castano says:

    Ms. S, where is this mirror from? Thanks. xoxo

  2. Sassy says:

    Hey Lady A! I found this picture in an interior decorator’s website called Graham Moss. Believe it or not, Target used to carry a very similar mirror, but in silver ( not brass like in the picture). I tried to look at the Graham Moss website today but it doesn’t give the source of the mirror. Let me dig a little more:-)

  3. Sassy says:
    Looks like it’s the same as the Kimani mirror from, Lady A!

  4. angel castano says:

    Lovely Ms. S, you are the best!!!!!!! Will order now as I am desperate for an unusual mirror, price is reasonable for what it is. Thank you so very, very much!

  5. Sassy says: or the same one cheaper
    The raindrops one is also similar to the Graham moss picture, but it’s double the price. The Kimani from Horchow ( also available in comes in antiqued silver or brass, I think. I’m not sure what the mirror in the blog post picture is, but these 2 are close approximations! I love the price and size of the Kimani, though:-)

  6. angel castano says:

    Agree Ms. S. I think the Kimani one is the best! Hey, please email me or write down your email address here as I want to invite you to this site, it has a lot of interesting stuff that you may want to feature. xoxo

  7. angel castano says:

    Lovely Ms. S, sorry to be a pain, but is the Graham Moss exactly the same as the one in Horchow, Kimani? Somehow it looks smaller. What do you think? Although I don’t really mind, just making sure. Thanks! xo

  8. Sassy says:

    Hi Lady A! My email is :-)
    Okay, the Raindrops one is definitely bigger that Kimani. Raindop is 63inch diaeter Kimani is about 35inch diameter, right? I’m not sure how big the Graham Moss one is. Kimani is a little but more ” ethnic” looking, and the raindrops more retro. I like them both, so it all depends on your wall space and the general vibe you are looking for. It’s too bad that the Graham Moss site doesnt have sources so you can get the EXACT one used in the picture. THe kimani and the raindrops are sunburst… but are not the exact one:-(

  9. angel castano says:

    Alright, I think I’ll go for Raindrops as it is closer to the one featured on Graham Moss. Sending you the invite now, hope you like it :-)

  10. Sassy says:

    Oooh! it’s going to look great, Lady A! The brass raindrops and the Kimani are actually made by the same company, Uttermost. How cool is that? Did you check out to see more pictures of both? How exciting!!!:-)

  11. angel castano says:

    Thank you :-)

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