Running Scared!!!!

Rrrring! rrring!

Me: Hello?

P ( my sis-in law): So, you know how you’re ALWAYS telling people that you dream of running in a marathon?

Me: ( the uh-oh alarm in my head is going full blast) Ahhhhyyyyy….uhm…. yeah?

P: We’ll I’ve signed us up for a 5K run in July.

Me: (out loud) SHUT.THE.FRONT.DOOR! NO WAY! ( in my head: Oh sh*t!)

P: It’s going to be great!

Me: YAAAY ! SO GREAT!( in my head: Oh sh*t!)

Confession time:

The thing is- I’ve really only been saying I wanted to run in a marathon because it makes people think I’m sporty and competitive and driven but really every time I try to jog on the treadmill for 30 seconds I feel like dying!

Week 2:

P: ( eyeing me suspiciously ) So, have you started training yet?

Me: No, but I texted and emailed everyone I know to let them know I’m running in a marathon!

P: Well, it’s not really a marathon- it’s 5K.

Me: Oh? There’s a difference? ( Aha! this might be my way out!). Coz I really only want to do marathons, you know?

P: Marathons are like 42. 195K ( P is from Harvard and is very smart with numbers)

Me: Oh… 5K is good too.

Week 3:

I send P the youtube of that guy who pooped in his pants while running a marathon, hoping to strike fear in her heart and get her to call this run off! Genius, right?

Text I got in response:

Stop trying to get out of this, you goose! Download C25K app on your iphone asap. It’s a really good training programme!

Hey, this Couch to 5K training programme is awesoooome!

Day 2 of C25K training…

When I think of giving up, I think of P as Sue Sylvester with a bullhorn….

Now that I’m in the full swing of training ( Day 2! Woohoo!). I can focus on the important stuff…. like what to wear during the race….

The answer: LULULEMON! The only excercise gear that understands a woman’s body!

Also, now that I’m, you know, an athlete, I think I’ll go and buy a juicer and some protein shakes….hmmm…. I wonder what flavor….



(image:via be splendid, C25K, lululemomathletica)

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2 Responses “Running Scared!!!!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    lululemon has super cute running shorts!!! you can do this sassy!!! go go go! i bet you're already way ahead of P (oh annoying little sisters!)

  2. Sassy in Singapore says:

    haha!Little sisters are the best! They keep you young and healthy and read your blog;)Hmmm, must get some Lululemon running shorts now!

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