Happiness on a Saturday Afternoon …

I have this picture tacked on my cork board by my desk. It makes me think of my pop’s old farmhouse. It reminds me that perfection does not equal comfort and that expensive stuff do not equal happiness. I know for a fact that one can be so very happy drinking lemonade from old jam jars , sitting amidst mismatched pillows on a settee with peeling paint.

It’s a Saturday afternoon and J, mini-sassy, Hugo and I are all wedged into a white sofa. There are plates of piping-hot homemade Truffle and Asparagus risotto strewn all about (Saturday is meatless day in our house). The furniture doesn’t match and there’s a pile of breakfast dishes in the sink… but I’m as comfy cozy as can be!

Hope you are having a comfy cozy Saturday too!

(image: elledecor)

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