What is Jennifer Aniston’s fave footwear?

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(image and article: The Daily Mail)

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15 Responses “What is Jennifer Aniston’s fave footwear?”

  1. Gina! says:

    I just posted an entry on my blog on how much I love Havaianas that I dont need gowns or heels during my wedding ceremony. Some sundresses & of course how not to be missed, Havaianas will do the job!

    I dont even mind my bf proposing a Havaianas top to me in my fave color

  2. Sassy in Singapore says:

    Oh Gina! We are kindred spirits! How cool would a Havaianas wedding be?!!! Thank you for stopping by to say hi! You totally made my day!And make sure you send me pictures of your dream havaianas wedding when it happens, k? Any guy would be so lucky to catch a laid-back cool chick who loves Havs like you! What's your blog address? I'd love to visit:)

  3. Gina! says:

    I hope it will happen really soon! Because I am only 18 but but my bf's 29! I would love to invite you too!

    Your blog entries makes my day I visitthis site every single day!

  4. Sassy in Singapore says:

    Hi Gina! You are sooooo sweet:) I love hearing from and getting to know my readers! Oh to be 18 again! The world is your oyster , with all sorts of possibilities before you! Have a super duper day!

  5. Gina! says:

    You too Sassy! Have a wonderful long weekend!


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