A zebra for your party….

 Cinco de Mayo is coming up and for the next few days all I will be thinking of  is Nick’s Crispy Tacos (  Polk St., SF) and margaritas .

When it comes to decorating for your party….

 would you hang a zebra on your ceiling?

 If  it’s be-sequined and be-sparkly and comes with a matching disco ball … 

 Of. Course. I. Would.

 Heck, I already have a  faux zebra on my floor, what’s one more!

I hope this Zebra we see here is not destined to be sacrificed  as a glam pinata at some  hipster party…. tsk! tsk! you naughty, long-legged hipster!

Being an ex-pre-school teacher, I am morally and ideologically anti any pinata that resembles and/or is representative of humans ( real or Disney), as well as animals.

True story.

Think about it… isn’t  there’s something disturbing about kids unleashing their candy-fuelled fury on effigies of Dorah, Dorah,  the Explorah ?

What do you mommies out there think?




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