How to accessorize your light blue Havaianas Slims…..






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9 Responses “How to accessorize your light blue Havaianas Slims…..”

  1. shieh says:

    very nice watch!any idea where’s that from?

  2. Sassy says:

    Hey S! I want to say Micheal Kors… but I may be wrong:-). Let me check it out some more.

  3. shieh says:

    thanks!so tempted to buy it!

  4. Sassy says:

    hi S! Pretty sure its Micheal Kors. You should try it on:-) Love the color!

  5. shieh says:


  6. shieh says:

    hey sassy..guess what?i bought the watch!its actually from Triwa (available in Inhabit), a scottish brand.. :)

  7. Sassy says:

    Awesome! Yes! I just got an Id from someone that it was a Triwa!What color did you get?:-)

  8. shieh says:

    i got exactly the same color as the one in the pic! :)

  9. Xing Juan says:

    What a pretty colour!!! Tiffany blue.

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