Oh Yeah or Hell No? Fancy hats

The princesses are getting so much flak for their choice of hats at the Royal Wedding.

Some haters are  being so nasty.  

But…. look at how happy they are here!

It takes a lot of courage to put something on your head and carry it around for the whole world to see, you know ?!

Full disclosure: In my teens, I wore a cobalt blue TURBAN to a party.

This was WAAAAAY before Miuccia Prada  attempted and failed to make it fashionable.

 So yeah!   I can totally relate  to you, Princess Beatrice!

Princess, allow me to share my mother’s words of comfort  with you:

“Go ahead and have fun with your hats!  In the grand scheme of life, it’s not what is on a girl’s head that matters, it’s what is  in!”



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