Fashion Inspiration: The Sartorialist Street Style

I’m in a  super style rut lately ( as with all geminis , this happens every 5 months). Seriously, I just want to throw away the entire contents of my closet and start from scratch. So, I did what any girl in my situation would do, and surveyed J’s closet.
 J, I threw out the entire contents of your closet because it looks to me like you are in a style rut too… and really I’m doing you a favor. You should take a page from these guys here ( good lord! Is it the same guy?)…. Anyhoo, blazers with a little pocket square will  make you look so dapper with your jeans… and see that guy on the bottom? Yeah, his footwear leaves a lot to be desired ( YOUR footwear is impeccable as you are always in Havaianas), but look at that leather backpack of his!I think there is an age limit to using Crumpler-type messenger bags!
 Do not worry about your empty closet! Do not worry at all! I will go shopping for you today, and buy you some some super long zippered skinny jeans  and a polka dot pocket square:) You are welcome!
(image: The Sartorialist)

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