Love is in the air…..

With Valentine’s Day around the corner and my Wedding Anniversary next month…. I’m feeling like I want to get married for the third time….to the same boy, of course.

For our 10Th year anniversary, Mr. J, mini-sassy and my BFF- K surprised me by arranging a renewal of vows at a beautiful church in San Francisco. I had absolutely no idea, so I was wearing something hideous, maybe even matronly, in fuchsia…so Baaaa-aaad…. Let’s just say, I don’t display pictures of the event in my house….

SOOOOOO, I’d like a do-over for our 16th year anniversary. Although, I’ve always wanted to try getting married in The Little Chapel in Vegas . J dressed as Elvis and me in a blond wig as Marilyn…. I also dream of a simple affair with family and friends. Like the wedding in Mamma Mia.
Have it outdoors, under the stars and fairy lights……

I’d wear a simple dress…. maybe this one from JCrew. Mr. J can wear Bermuda shorts.

Of course, I’ll be in my Swarovski Havaianas. J will probably wear his favorite Brown Havaianas Tops. All the guests will have to wear Havaianas, too!

I would love it if J had my mom’s emerald engagement ring reset to something more me. Like this.

and being a simple girl with simple tastes, I’d love a bouquet of whatever flower was in season…. ehem… as long as they were peonies.

wouldn’t that just be lovely?


( images: viastylemepretty,jcrew,eariebasin)

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