My Dining Room Design Dilemma…..

This is my dining room. It’s the second thing you see when you see when you walk in my place. I am at a complete quandary as to how to proceed fixing it up. Visually, it has to be POW!

But it has to be low maintenance. Secret footage of what Hugo, the Havaianas Hound does while we are away revealed that the top of the dining table is his hang- out. How a miniature Dachshund gets to the top of the table is still a mystery to me!!!

The walls have to remain white, since it is a rental. I can really only play around with the upholstery, artwork, lighting, accessories.

Another thing that needs to stay is the pine expandable table I have ( we have a big family and we love to entertain)

I’m loving the bright turquoise and yellow and the chevron flooring. Is that a rug?

Or I could stay with the blues and add some white chairs…. This looks so fresh and clean and young.

But see this , this picture has been tacked on my cork board for years! I even bought some Senegalese fabric to cover my chairs. How fun does this look?! I live in the tropics. My house is very casual. This goes right?


(Image: Domino mag, Elle decor, via house of turquoise,leslie klotz)

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11 Responses “My Dining Room Design Dilemma…..”

  1. Definitely definitely definitely the wild totally out-there chairs!!!! What are you waiting for if you already have the fabric? I think it will go really well with a pine dining table.

    I like the Chevron floors too (it looks painted to me). Can you do this in your rental? The rug works well but i'm sure THAT will become the fave hang-out of Hugo the hurdling Havaianas hound when you're away! :)

    Do the chairs! BTW, love your turquoise graphic circle painting! Did you get it in Singapore? Did it cost an arm and a leg?

  2. sassy says:

    Thanks Pat!I should just go for it! I just found upholsterers that said they's do it for 120SGD a chair! I wll try to find a more resaonably priced place. And as for the painting- It's one of mine:)


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