New Year….. New Look…. on a limited budget….

I just got glasses the other day and I’m taking it as an opportunity to revamp my look!

The Look: “Art gallery girl meets casual California boho”
The Budget: errr…. limited … so I have to make use of things already in my closet!
The inspiration: An illustration by Garance Dore of an Isabel Marant Blazer…

Then, I saw this girl. Now…. THIS is how I want to look!

Sadly, I will never look that good in skinny jeans:(
But – good news! I just enrolled in a gym today!
The Goal: I will work out as fiercely as Shakira gyrates in Hips Don’t lie! Genetics Schmenetics! I may just emerge victorious … with the hips of a 12 year old boy!And if not? Who cares!


Red Lipstick? Check!

Hmmm…… must experiment with colored glasses…….

Ay Caramba! Check this out….. Tie Dye! How California is Tie-dye?!
I used to be a pre-school teacher… tie-dye is my middle name! With a can-do attitude, a bucket and some fabric dye, I may just create some shirts for my new look!

This gold blazer is very Art Gallery Girl to me!!!! I have a jacket like this. I’ve never thought of combining tie-dye with something so fancy.

To Do: Steal Mr. J’s white t-shirts and tie-dye them funky colors! Yay!

What about this?

Or this…..

These looks will be cute with my everyday uniform: jeans and metal mesh Havaianas!!!

Oh! I must invest in hair conditioner!! Also, I should banish my banana clip and goody rubber bands to the back of the closet!

And of course, no outfit is complete without my new dream accessory: a yummy brown vintage Chanel handbag!!!

Let us all hold hands and solemnly express our reverence ……… AHHHHHHHHH!

But, but, but.. since I only spent on fabric dye and hair conditioner… I can splurge on something, right?

To do: Must search vendors on ebay that donate their proceeds to Relief efforts in Haiti to see if they have something like this girl’s fabulous bag!

And last, in case I’m not brave enough to wear tie-dye and stick with a white tee… Noir and Gold accesories (sourced from my own closet and maybe my mom’s!):

There you have it…. Art Gallery Girl Meets California Boho look!

What do you think? Too crazy? Will I faint from heat stroke wearing blazers all over Singapore?


Images:( Garance Dore, The Sartorialist, Sandra Freiji, jcrew, Proenza Schouler, Kate Spade, DKNY,Chanel, Hannah Couture)

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