Meeting Margherita Missoni- part 1


It was  raining when I ducked into  the St. Regis Hotel, Singapore for an intimate lunch hosted by Havaianas’ Anne Gonzalez for the Missoni family to celebrate the launch of the Limited Edition Missoni loves Havaianas in the Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia.

 But  like a giant broom knocking out cobwebs,  the dreary gray day was forgotten as I walk into a  room full of vibrant Missoni prints,  zippy zig-zags , cheery chevrons and happy coloured knits . I spot Anne Gonzalez, in a super chic pistachio Missoni mini-dress and an Alexis Bittar hot pink cuff chatting with Margherita Missoni, who is wearing a dress from the  Missoni Spring / Summer 2011 collection and an orchid pendant  she  picked up from a quick jaunt to the  Singapore Botanical Gardens in between  Audi Fashion Festival Events.  

I join Anne  just as she  tells Margherita how the Met Gala is her favourite Red Carpet event to watch. “Me too! “, agrees Margherita. ” This is the eighth year I’ve attended it and it’s always very exciting for me to see what everyone is wearing. Usually, if it’s a Hollywood red carpet, actresses  want to look their best and make sure their bodies are shown to their best advantage. After all, the viewers and their fans will expect them to look a certain way. But at the Met gala…that’s when everyone can dress imaginatively! You can be outrageous and push the envelope!  It’s about dressing to inspire and to make people dream!”

 So, here are the three things that immediately strike me about Margherita Missoni : a.) she has movie star good looks, b.) she is smart and c.) she genuinely loves fashion.

” There was a Met Gala one year where Rihanna and Kanye West performed, and we were dancing in our gowns and tuxes all night long! It was amazing!”

Oh and d.) she’s Italian. She knows how to have fun.

Imagining the life she leads, travelling the world for work and events… how does a girl do it? It must be a nightmare to pack for trips where she always has to look her best, as the Missoni brand’s most photographed ambassador!   ”I’ve learned how to pack smartly!”, Margherita exclaims  . “I try to pack everything in just one suitcase. I made a conscious decision long ago to always travel light. Fortunately, Missoni dresses travel very well. And I always make it so everything I bring  is the same hem length. That way, the one pair of shoes I bring can go with my day clothes, and also work with my night clothes. I try and bring only one color tone for my accessories. So if my shoes are black, the belts and bags I bring are going to be black. When I travel for vacation, everything fits in my carry-on luggage. I pack Missoni bikinis, which is the best bikini in the world. Really, every girl must have one! I bring batik sarongs from Bali and Kikois from Kenya, my ipod,  some books, my diary, a giant bottle of spf 1000+++ sunscreen and my big crocheted Missoni hat. We have this very wide brimmed hat that looks amazing on and you can fold it up to fit in your purse.   And I always, always travel with my Havaianas.

Which is proof that Missoni really does love Havaianas! ” Definitely! In fact, it was our idea to do this collaboration with Havaianas “, Margherita laughs. “My whole family wears Havaianas and we have for years! We had to look for somebody in Havaianas Europe to bring our idea  for a collaboration to Brazil.  Fortunately, Brazil loved it so much that we were designing it within two months after presenting it to them.”

” Havaianas is an iconic brand that is about positivity. It is about loving life and having fun.  It is about adventure and pure joy,  which is what Missoni is about, as well. The collaboration between Missoni and Havaianas is truly a marriage of two iconic brands with the same spirit. And that is why I added the heart in the logo.”

 Limited Edition Missoni (heart) Havaianas will be available on May 25 ( Singapore) at the Missoni store, Hilton Shopping Gallery, Inhabit and Tyan and on June 1 ( Malaysia) at the M store , The Gardens and Penang



PSSST! Stay tuned for more on Margherita Missoni and a blog give-away you are going to… . abso…lutely.. heart!

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