The Most Fashionable Man on the planet!!!

When I was two, we lived in Milan and my favorite game was to sit out on the balcony, people watch and shout Ciao to random passersby.

Oh how I wish I lived on the same street as Fiat scion, Lapo Elkann- The Most fashionable man on the planet! I would not get any housework done! I’d just sit and wait on my balcony to see what outrageous outfit he has on and shout: Ciao, Lapo!

Here he is in Saint Tropez , with his trademark Fedora and Black Havaianas!His gal pal is also wearing white Havaianas tops. Are you digging the hot pink sunnies?

I love his suits! Sure! They’re a bit ” out there” but my God! Italian Tailoring at its finest!

I find it so refreshing how he mixes and matches classic jackets with neon high-tops or raspberry fedoras!

Love you, Lapo!!!!!


(images: The Sartorialist, Esquire, Vogue,unknown)

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