Project Idea: Neat Knits

My friend’s daughter, Izi,  is a Knitter Extraordinaire ( In fact: Watch out Missoni!:D). I thought these oversized knitting needles would interest her. How cool  are these guys?!

I’d like to try and make a round ottoman from felted or cotton yarn.

 Then, after knitting, I could use the knitting needles as limbo sticks or to hang curtains OR to play lawn croquet!

What do you say, Iz? Will you teach me?



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2 Responses “Project Idea: Neat Knits”

  1. Izi says:

    Hi Sassy,

    I was wondering where they sell those big knitting sticks in the picture?

    P.S okay i will teach you and we can knit together :D

  2. Sassy says:

    Hi Iz! yay! I’ll look online and let you know when I find the right yarn and needles:-) Thanks!

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