Trade in your Shoes!!!!

Twice this month, I made the mistake of wearing regular shoes ( my navy french sole ballerinas and my chloe platforms) and TWICE I got ouchy blisters that had me cussing like a sailor up and down Orchard Street!

The only reason why I wore shoes was because I thought it would go with my outfit!
And so this made me wonder……Can I give up wearing leather shoes altogether and just wear Havaianas?

I could wear Havaianas Slim Lucky owl with this outfit. BTW,this is Alessandra Colombo ( my new girl-crush)

This outfit goes with all my Havaianas…

OMG! I love the detail in the pants. Black Havaianas Brazils for you sir!

Anything that goes well with espadrilles goes with Havs!

My Brilliant Idea of the week:
Havaianas Rescue Outposts (like Lifeguard Towers) all around Orchard Road. So blistery fashion victims like me or tired shopping feet can get a break!


(Images: The Sartorialist)

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