Which Havaianas would Vampires wear?

Transcript of INTERVIEW with a VAMPIRE:
me: Hi Edward!Hi Bella! I’d like to ask you the question that is burning in everybody’s minds? Do vampires wear flipflops and if so, what kind do you wear?

Edward: (all serious-like)Well, Sassy- contrary to some myths that vampires have cloven hoofs, we Cullen vampires have regular toes just like everybody else.
Bella; Oh Edward, you are so funny! Look at me… I’m laughing…. on the inside…

Edward: I’ve been vacationing in Isla Esme, off the coast of Brazil, for almost a century now and I discovered Havaianas in the early 1900′s… wait… let me think…. oh yes! I think it was around 1930. I like to wear black…so my favorite are the black Havaianas Brazil…..

Bella: Oh Edward…. Take me to Isla Esme…. stare into my eyes and tell me you’ll take me……

Edward: Hop on my motorcycle and I’ll take you there. Let’s stop by Sao Paulo so I can get you a Slim Havaianas Swarovski…..

Bella: Oh Edward! I am so excited! I want to jump for joy and dance the polka!

There you have it folks…. Vampires Wear Havaianas!

What about Werewolves?


(images: Harpers Bazaar)

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