The Sartorialist Book Is Here!!!!!

OH EM GEE! J left a lovely surprise on my bedside table this morning!!
I “forgot” to make breakfast, walk the dog, brush my teeth and started reading it right away.
I stopped dead on my tracks reading Scott’s foreword on page 5.

Here’s why:

“The comments on The Sartorialist website make the blog a living fabric. The audience interaction made me realize the variety of interpretations the same look can provoke. I might be totally entranced by a young lady’s hairstyle, while someone else wont be able to stop looking at her flipflops”.

How creepy is that?! How does he know that is what I do?Hahaha!

The book is filled with our favorites Carine, Giovanna, the gentlemen of Milan and regular folk like us.

For $42.52, this would make a great Christmas present for your photography or fashion obsessed BFF/ lover/ spouse.


(image via materialisticboy)

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