Brilliant Idea of the Weekend!

This is Nacho Figueras- Argentinian polo player extraordinaire, face of Ralph Lauren fragrances and ranked by Vanity Fair as the second handsomest man in the world(second to Robert Pattinson?!! Oh the injustice!!!).

He is one of the world’s top 100 polo players and has a handicap of 6.(I’m blushing! Look at me spouting all sorts of athletic statistics. The closest I’ve ever been to polo is staying in Marco Polo hotel in HK in the early 90′s! However, having a handicap of 6 -whatever that means- seems very impressive, indeed)

This guy must have some Havaianas originals and some brown tops stashed in his closet. I can feel it in my bones!

Here he is going around NYC with his wife and equally hairy pal.

My Brilliant Idea of the Weekend is to propose to Havaianas in Sao Paolo that they hire Nacho to be a World Havaianas Ambassador for 2010. As Havaianas Ambassador, he gets to fly around the world, starting with Singapore, of course and host a party for Havaianistas!!!

Fan Bloggers get to pick him up from airport and this is how it’ll go when he comes:

Me: Hola Nacho! Bienvenido a Singapore!

The heavens part and a ray of sunshine coming from the airport ceiling spotlights my person as Nacho directs his chocolate brown gaze at me….

Him: Gracias! Donde esta el servicio, por favor? Senorita, tengo que ir al bano! Lady, can you direct me to the bathroom please?!!!

My starstruck brain trying to process the words coming from his lips: (Whawahawha! Whawhawawawa, wa favor? Senorita, wawawawawhawa!)

And then, I’ll promptly faint!


(Images: dailypinksociety, Ralph Lauren, New York Times)

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