I’m packing for a trip with my little family tonight and here’s what I learned about myself:

1. I’m the kind of girl that packs  her favorite paella pan , instead of a hairdryer.

2. 99% of my T-shirts are striped!

3. I always pack waaaaay too many Havaianas!!!

4. When it comes to books, I like to read novels set in the place that I am going to be at.  Are you like that too?

5. I find it easier to pack for someone else .

 As I am  stuffing  an enormous picnic blanket, a picnic basket, a sketchpad, watercolor and a flowy dress in my suitcase ,  J passes by and asks: What’s that for?

 ” For picnics and star-gazing at the beach”, I answer- all nonchalant and matter-of-fact.

But inwardly, I am cringing…fully expecting some huffing and puffing about packing frivolous things ( J packs like a Boy Scout- a tooth brush, a swiss army knife and  swim trunks)!

  J looks at me , chuckles and says: You are such a romantic packer! You pack for  things you dream we are going do on our trip….

So, there you have it. Apparently…

6. I am a ” Romantic Packer”.  Who knew?




All that sugar talk is all well and good, J… but what I wanna know is:  Are you going to carry my extra suitcase  “romantically” ?!  teeheehee!



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