Things I do in my Havaianas…..

This morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn to the sound of someone wailing on the microphone. What the…..!!!!!
Mr. S and I, groggy and confused, stumbled around the flat trying to find the source of the noise. Did we leave the TV on? Was someone on Skype?
Mr. S: Something’s going on….. Listen, someone is chanting…. maybe this has something to do with the mooncake festival or Hari Raya….
Me: Hari Raya? Someone’s chanting Boom! Boom! Pow! Methinks someone had too much Tequila and decided it’s karaoke time!
Him: Are you sure? It’s 6 a.m.!
Me: Hang On….( I stick my left ear out the window while raising my right eyebrow)… something defintely IS going on (I nod excitedly)… the church bells are ringing
Him: Hon, It’s Sunday…
Me: Oh!
Him: Wait! (he listens out the window) Okay… it’s boom, boom, pow!
Him:(ever practical and civilized) We should knock on the neighbor’s door and ask him politely to keep the noise down.
Me: No way! If we can hear him, he can definitely hear us. And then when we do OUR Karaoke, he’ll complain…
Him: Why would he complain? When I sing, I sound good!!!!
Me: Truedat with a capital T! ( Well, Not Really! Capital N. R. But the truth is: judicious use of white lies is the key to getting along in the mornings).
Me: How about we leave him some Havaianas nicely wrapped with a big ribbon… and muffins… with a note that says: Welcome to the Neighborhood, WILL.I.AM !
( more howling from upstairs)
Him: Wow! Now THAT is painful to hear!
Me: Oh my lord….. are they singing Bon Jovi?!
Him: snicker, snicker, snicker….
Me: Wahahahahaha! Hey, you be Simon and I’ll be Paula and let’s critique their performance…

This Sunday morning, I’m sitting in my Havaianas, sipping tea and being a catty Karaoke Critic…..

Hope you have something fun planned for today! Although, sometimes, fun things happen when you least expect it!


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