Dear owner…. An open letter from your feet.

Dear Owner,

(cue violin music here)

Most days I want to grab you by the face and say: Listen! I can’t take it any more!

You shove me into painful shoes and imprison me in them all day long. You act as if I don’t have feelings…..

Oh how I cringe in utter humiliation when you parade me around town sheathed in plastic mini-hockey masks like Jason in Friday the 13th!

The pungent scent of sadness permeates from my very pores and still you act like you don’t care.

Tell me, when was the last time you showed me some love?

I want to break free from the dark, dank oppression of leather shoes. I want to walk in the sunshine. I want to sip Pina Coladas and get caught in the rain……

I want to express my individuality, style and flair. I want be able to breathe fresh air and look around me and say: Hello, World! It’s me, Feet!

And most of all, I dream ….. I dream of wearing Havaianas every day, in every way forevermore….

Solefully yours,

( images via flickr)

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