Um Amor Brasileiro….

There are Brazilian F1 drivers racing in the top teams here in Singapore at the end of this month!Does anybody know if they’re cute? Oh! Er.. I just want to know for.. er.. purely scientific reasons, of course…What I mean is.. I have a theory that Brazil is the land of the hotties ( Evidence 1: World’s super models , Evidence 2: World’s best footballers). I believe there’s something in the genetic pool there that produce mighty fine , F-I-N-E looking people!! I may just have to go to Brazil and do some research!Wanna come with me?

Show your support! The eye make-up suggestion in the first picture is pretty awesome….. Or you could get Brazilian Flag Havaianas!


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2 Responses “Um Amor Brasileiro….”

  1. Miguel says:

    It's the samba, baby!

  2. Sassy in Singapore says:

    hahahaha! You may be right! :) sassy

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