Hugo, The Havaianas Hound

This is Hugo, The Havaianas Hound. He is the Derek Zoolander of Dachshunds.
He loves photo shoots and Havaianas ( he uses them as chew toys if he’s home alone too long!!).
When he thinks that no one is looking, he walks around like his theme song is “I’m too sexy..” by Right Said Fred.

(Ooooh! A camera! For my first pose: This is my ” staring faraway into the horizon” look)

( These Havaianas Tops look really yummy. Wait! No one’s looking. Let me have a quick nibble!)

(Oopsies! Got caught! Who me? I didn’t do it! I was minding my own business and I was attacked! The Havaianas jumped into my mouth! It was self-defense! Really!C’mon…. Would this face lie?)

He makes me laugh and I love him.


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3 Responses “Hugo, The Havaianas Hound”

  1. Miguel says:

    Hope he doesn't chew on em!

  2. Sassy in Singapore says:

    He sure does! We've 2 of our FAVORITE Havaianas as casualties!:(sassy

  3. Our naughty Zoe kept chewing on our Havaianas too so we got her a baby pair of her own. Problem solved! Hugo might like one as well. The glow-in-the-darks are pretty cool!

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