Mani-Pedi SOS!!!!

( photo via amoreumlugarestranho)

Okay, so Gisele has gone to the dark side and has affiliated herself with those Havaianas wannabes and dated somebody’s hot baby daddy and what-e-vuh, she’s tall, she’s beautiful, she’s brazilian, she’s Leo’s ex , she can chillax in her socks drawer….. that’s gotta be SO tough!NOT!

And yet, poor Gisele, she deserves our compassion, folks…. coz she CAN”T WEAR AMAZING HAVAIANAS ANYMORE!!!!
And WE can! (here’s the part where I dance like Jack Black .In School of Rock. Around the room. With Havaianas on both hands AND feet!!!)

Hoo-kay! Enough silly gloating! HaHa!
My sweet mama would not approve!
Actually, this picture reminds me that I need a pedicure asap!

I’m taking my new chocolate Havaianas High Light (Tangs) for a night out on the town and I need a pedicure to match it.

Ladies, know of any good nail salons here in Singapore?


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2 Responses “Mani-Pedi SOS!!!!”

  1. fave nails! along city link!!!

  2. Sassy in Singapore says:

    Hi Seconds! Thanks!

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