Madame Butterfly!

( Alexander McQueen)
There are new colors of Havaianas Butterfly Slims this September!!!
Oh joy!
Four lovely colors to choose from….
Rumour has it that these are Jennifer Aniston’s fave! More fave than dinner dates with Gerard Butler? Hmmm….
Me? I’ll take these Havaianas over Gerard Butler A-ny-time!
Even if he shouts ” This is Sparta!” in his sexy/ scary/sexy way and shows me his abs all day long! Really-Really!

The chocolate goes with everything but these are too cute to resist!

Maybe I’ll get all four and change my name to Madame Butterfly!
Sorry, King Leonidas!


Oh! Gerard just sent me a message:

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2 Responses “Madame Butterfly!”

  1. Love these butterfly ones – looks like I might have the same taste as Jen (in Havaianas not men haha!)

  2. Sassy in Singapore says:

    What? You don't like Brad, John Mayer, Gerard,Paul whatever -the model guy that went out with Cameron Diaz after.I feel bad that all her doomed romances are played out in public, though. That's really hard!

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