Havaianas in Soho, NYC

( Photo: www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com)

The Sartorialist does it again! Check out her blue Havaianas with the summery batik-y dress. I believe these are Havaianas Logos (the strap looks like a jelly strap) and the color is enamel blue (azul esmalte). They are available in the Ion store now.

I’ve never figured out how to bike in a short dress without everyone seeing up Le lady business! Barring eeky spandex shorts, is there a special technique I missed out on? Sidesaddle biking?

*I just asked Mr. j, biking afficionado, for his so-called “expert advice”:

” When biking in a short skirt, wear your best knickers….. lace is
preferable..er… aerodynamically- speaking, of course.”

Ahh…. of course.

( Men!!! Whatever!!)

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