Which Havaianas Would Chuck Bass Wear?

Blair’s Love-Hate Obsession

You may not always agree with his fashion choices(e.g. bass- as in the fish-embroidered sweater in season 2 ?! Seriously?!). And yet, Chuck Bass usually pulls it off! He’s a huge sartorial risk-taker…. but will he ever risk his heart???

OMG! Don’t get in a limo with him!

If we were to design Chuck’s Havaianas wardrobe for a trip to the Hamptons, what would we include? Here are some ideas:

Chuck loves him some pastel! So, these Havaianas Tradicionals would go with his sorbet colored shirts! But then again, Chuck never met a shade of red he didn’t like. Let’s pack him some red Tops.

And because, well, he’s Chuck Bass – the King of the Upper East Siders….

Any ideas?


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