Hairspiration: natural waves




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7 Responses “Hairspiration: natural waves”

  1. maharl says:

    How do you make hair look like that, Sass? My hair is that long now and I always look like I just went through the tumble dryer!

  2. Sassy says:

    Mini-sassy has hair like yours and she swears by Morrocan oil, blow dry at night. In the morning, she puts her hair in a bun and when she lets in down , it looks like the picture! It doesnt work me though as I never Blow dry:-(
    Try it! You look gorgeous already Maharl, so MAS PA!

  3. maharl says:

    Will have a google on Moroccan oil. I blow dry my hair every day although these days I don’t bother kay the air is so dry, my hair is so flat and tuskig. Will give this a whirl. Thanks Sass. Mwah!

  4. Sassy says:

    TUSKIG! That’s my Word Of the day!hahahaha!

  5. Pat pat pat says:

    Pssst M. Bring me some of that Moroccan oil when I see you next…. In Bali! Woo hoo!!!
    Sass, we’re passing Singapore first so get ready to paint the town again. Maharl will snag the boys for free bubbly! ;-)

  6. Sassy says:

    YAHOOOOOOOO! Cannot wait!!!!

  7. maharl says:

    Me too….cannot wait! I will work on my charms so I can snag more than just bubbly this time. hehehe. Chege, Moroccan oil for ya P!

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