Teal we meet again….

Lovin’ the Teal here!




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9 Responses “Teal we meet again….”

  1. Rachel says:

    Super love teal. Sexy, sophisticated and mostly unexpected!

  2. Sassy says:

    I agree!!!

  3. angel says:

    I am loving it too, lovely miss S! What brand is it? xoxo

  4. Sassy says:

    Hi Lady A!!!! You have got to check is out Natalie Joos blog here: http://talesofendearment.com/?paged=3. She is super adorable. THis look is the Video from Feb. 10. The shoes are casadei, the dress is vintage and sweater Rachel Comey. But she doesnt mention where her bg or glasses are from ( at least not audible to me.) Check out the video of her getting dressed on Feb. 13 ( the thakoon show). I love her little dress there!:-)

  5. angel says:

    Lovely Ms. S, I am going to check now, I can’t get this bag out of my head, it’s your fault, always your fault :-) I get into trouble each time I read your blog, but I can’t help it, it’s an addiction! Have a lovely Sunday!

  6. Sassy says:

    Hahahaha! Okay, I dug a little deeper and the bag is a Prada saffiano. A Classic investment piece:-)
    I just adore how in almost every picture of Natalie she has THAT Bag. As a girl who hates changing bags and uses one bag till it falls apart, I’m fascinated how a teal/ blue/ cobalt blue bag can go with so much!

  7. angel says:

    Yippeee! and the search for the Teal Prada saffiano begins…… Thank you lovely Ms. S. xo

  8. angel says:

    Found it, we have it here, just arrived, but had to put it on hold as it is more than 2,000 US$, need to re-plan budget for the month, otherwise, I’d only be eating cereals for the whole month of March :-( hehehe, the sacrifice one does for fashion…..

  9. Sassy says:

    How quick you found it but OUCH!!! PRICEY!!!

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